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what is print collaboration?


Collaboration is where artist and printmaker work as one to develop and realise a print project. The process allows the artist to focus purely on the image while the printer makes sure that it’s technically possible. The two work together to create a print that neither could make on his or her own.

It offers the artist experimentation, whilst having guidance from an experienced printer through the complexities and technicalities of the printing process. 





I offer collaborative contract printmaking.

Artist's have the opportunity to work at Grain Studio, where they can produce an edition using stone and/or photo plate lithography.

Prices depend on the edition size, complexity and scale of the prints.

You do not need experience in printmaking or collaboration. Our job is to guide you through the process, whilst being sympathetic to the work. 

To find out more or get a quote for a project, please CLICK HERE to get in touch.