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Lithography 6 week course.

Lithography 6 week course.

175.00 195.00

Thursday evenings 6-9pm. From 24th January - 28th February.

This evening class offers the opportunity to learn and explore the process of stone lithography in depth. Lithography is a beautiful printmaking method, allowing the artist to simply draw on to the surface of limestone as you would in a sketch book.

We will cover all of the basics of lithography including;

  • Stone graining

  • Drawing materials and methods

  • Stone etching and processing

  • The chemistry involved

  • Making deletions and adding marks

  • Printing and registration

  • Setting up the press

  • Ink mixing

  • Editioning

  • clearing up

    We will learn how to register and print two layers, and each student will go home with a finished edition.

    £180 per person.

    All materials are included.

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